Wednesday, 24 February 2016

And so we married her off..

And so we married her off..

Are you a younger sister?

If yes, let me begin by saying, you are incredibly lucky, and you sure as hell know that! I too am a younger sister. And for quite some time, I suffer from a phobia science is yet to baptize.
So.. you little sissy,  either you have already  undergone this agony, or you are about to. I call it the fear of sharing your elder sister more than you are prepared to, fear of marrying her off!
This isn’t the fear that comes because an old masi says :”Beta, ab to teri bari hai” nay, this is way more traumatizing.

If all the younger sisters in the world, were to sit down and think…I mean Really THINK , of the countless times their elder sisters have put their ass on the line, out of sheer love, we’ll know how absolutely heartless, rude, greedy little devils we have been!

She was always there no matter what! This was the irrefutable design of things. You could be as demonic as you wanted to, she was there to smuggle the best of things from life and give you, with zero expectations. You loved her, OBVIOUSLY, but it wasn’t ever needed to be told, was it? Nehh..
She kept all your secrets, while you definitely sold some of hers, or at least tortured her you will, be honest!
She always got you back, when you stood with your feet in your mouth in front of your parents!

She was there those nights at home, alongside you when you couldn’t  sleep. Elder sisters have a way, even something as simple as : “C’mon , out with it!” can make you spill those beans you hid deep in your gut.
So, how do you, little sister begin to imagine a life, with her gone?

It’s just the saddest truth, to be made peace with, the chance to maybe redeem yourself for being so satanic.
My elder sister is going to be married. Imagine seeing this through a  kaleidoscope,  the glittery dress you are SOOO going to wear, the saying “ meri didi ki shadi”  100 times a day every day months in advance to random people, just because in some weird way its titillating, Your being the brides best maid, and it goes on..

But then those shapes fade, with one single horrifying thought, when you go home next time, she won’t be there  in bed alongside you.

So If your elder sister is getting married folks, and you suffer depression, as a result of your unparalleled  greed  for her presence in your life (you had no idea where it came from, I mean C’mon! She is YOUR elder sister , there’s no expiry date to that!) worry  you not, for its totally normal!
Begin your vindication, for the most special bride, there’s ever going to be! Try to be a shadow of what she has been naturally.  (even when she was  4, and had those ridiculous looking fountain ponytails ,on the very top of her head, she was still the perfect elder sister! Beat that if you can...)

For all the elder sisters in the world, your younger ones haven’t told you how much they love you, only because it’s impossible to vocalise. It’s just impossible to express.

If words could steal, I would write enough to steal you from every guy on the planet, thank fully they don’t.

Having said this, let’s keep calm and wed our sisters people!


  1. You have poured out your heart so beautifully. These are my exact feelings as my elder sister too got married. Lovely every line is!